I’ve wanted to visit CAT for circa 8 years, but it had always being to far out the way to justify. However being just over an hour away from the build, I finally got a chance to visit and it was fantastic! Far better than I had expected and I would encourage anyone to visit if you get the opportunity.

Founded in 1974, CAT has been going for over 40years. Over this period of time they and learn a lot in the five main area’s (energy, building, gardens, wildlife and woodlands), and are passing there knowledge on to the wider public. More information can be found at the CAT website http://www.cat.org.uk

They have many great activities for kids, and information is fun and accessible to people of all ages. CAT has one of the best gift shops with a fantastic selection of book for the sustainable nerd! Only problem is choosing which ones to buy! But whilst you’re choosing your books you can marvel at a beautiful rammed earth wall.

There really is too much great stuff for me to list here. However some my highlights where; seeing the Ecococon modular prefabricated straw bale panels and how they work. I believe this system could help make straw bale building more accessible to the commercial sector. Producing great results, in a relatively short period of time. For more information please visit the Ecococon website http://www.ecococon.lt/english/.

After finishing my visit at CAT I decided to make the most of the Welsh countryside and do some wild camping and to visit a few places. I hadn't spent much time in Wales before, maybe a couple of weeks on holiday. But I have to say I am falling in love with the Welsh countryside a bit...