Lammas was an extremely educational trip and well worth the £5 suggested donation. For this £5 we where given a background to the project, guided around part of the communal space and taken around one plot / household land to see how they do things. The plot changes on a weekly basis, and tours are only held in the summer months. More information can be found at

It was great to see a group of people trying to think about building and indeed living in a more sustainable manor. Though some parts of the site looked a bit messy. I think a good tidy would have helped. As old cars & bits that might be useful for something in the future, unless organised, can look unsightly in some peoples opinion. I certainly know this is something that can put off planner and some of the general public, and they're the people we need to get on board if we are all to have a greener future!

LAMMAS are free to experiment with many different forms of building materials, and methods of construction. Which has lead them to learning a lot in the whole process. They have learnt a lot from their mistakes, I think we all can and should. However from my point of view these mistakes seamed partly unnecessary. If they had more of a technical understanding on detailing and construction methods, then they may have build to a higher quality the first time. But of course I would say that! But at the same time because they are less ridged and willing to experiment with everything. I’m sure they will come up with new ideas and methods that may not have been though of, that could be of great benefit. They are pioneers after all! And I wish them the best of luck in the future.