We are proud to say that our bales have come from within 4 miles of the site, in fact we even saw the field they came from! Due to the client having good local ties, we where able to have a great back and forth with the farmer. This meant we could tell him to make the bales as tight (dense) as possible. This actually lead to the bailer breaking, but once the new part came we had the most dense bales we could have asked for. We know this from feeling them but also weighting them (we got some funny looks from the farmer…)

Dense bales are brilliant for building with and thermal insulation, so try and get them as tight as possible as you can, I believe our bales weigh 22kg (460mm wide, x 365 high x circa 950mm long). With the lowest density bale you could build with going down to 16kg. Please note this is dry weight, a wet bale is going to weigh more, but that’s no good! 

Our bales cost us £3.50 per bale delivered, which is about right for construction grade bales (denser, about a third more straw than ordinary bales). However we have an agreement with the farmer that if the bales are sub-par to our requirements, we can send them back & get our money back….. Not something I have come across before, but should be great for our project and encouraged in the future!