So an important lesson we learnt with the foundations:

1.     Make sure you’re on site when matey boy turns up with his digger to level the site, otherwise it might not quite be level.

2.     Make sure your car tyres are all the same sizes.

If both or either of these things happen, there is a to make sure all the car tyre pillars are level….. packers! Make sure you use a hardy packer that is going to last, and use as few a packers as possible, to insure structural stability. We used a combination of marine ply, slates & sleepers for our packers depending on the size needed. We had a long debate about the ethics of using sleepers, but the fact is it was a material that we already had.

To use as few packers as possible, sometimes it is necessary to cut down a sleeper to the required depth. The way so do this is:

 ‘Bread slice’ the sleeper as shown below. Cuts about 10mm apart using the circular saw set to the depth you wish to subtract. Hammer the slices to get the majority of the wood out. Chisel the rest out to the required depth. Go over with a plain to smooth out any last bits.