But there is in I-beam!

We were quoted £7,000 for the I-beam for the floor joists pre made. This would have been most of the £10,000 budget! By making them our selves we spent £100 on cascamite wood glue, £200 on 2x2 timber, £500 on 12mm OSB 3, and maybe £20 on nails. That’s roughly £820 + labour to make all the rafters and the floor joists.  Quite a saving I think your agree!  Please note that these figures are rough and based on our 30m2 build. Therefore figures should be used as a guide only.


We made a template to help us make our I-beams, work out our cut lengths required and got started. A break down of this would be as follows;

o   Insert 2x2 (50x50) timber into jig, spread glue on 2x2, ready for OSB3, lay OSB3 on top in jig.

o   Dove tail nails at 400mm centres (50mm nails). Make sure 2x2 joints & OSB3 joints are staggered.

o   Spread glue on OSB3 ready for top 2x2 timbers

o   Nail 2x2 timbers using bigger nails (75mm)

o   Complete I-beam