Though I am sad to be leaving the people I know behind. I am thrilled at the thought to further my learning of natural building, and have the opportunity to work on projects that all the stake holders can be excited & passionate about. All Packed & ready to go!

So After leaving Plymouth at 3pm I quickly made my first stop when the van started filling up with smoke, only 10 miles into the journey….. Turns out the exhaust was resting on the wood siding of the van. Hot Exhaust + wood panel = very concerned man & dog. After putting out the fire at the side of the road, I limped to an industrial estate to have a better look. Fornatuarly all the tool where in the van, so I could quickly make an emergency repair (hole) so it wouldn’t happen again. 

The rest of the journey went with out a hitch, although a bit slow. We eventually managed to arrive at the build site by 10pm. To a warm welcome and a beautiful clear night. But it wasn’t until the next day I could truly appreciate the view.

All starts tomorrow!